Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello everyone!

it has been a long time posting I know. But I wanted to share something with you that happened a few months back in November when the cold in Colorado was at its worst.

Many of you have stuck with me and donated scarves to my cause of warming the homeless of Denver. I wanted to let you know that your scarves went to amazing homes and I've delivered them all to shelters.

the last delivery was for men, as I did a drive for male scarves last year but then it warmed up and with finals.. well. They got delivered. We took them to the Denver Rescue Mission. albeit a church organization they have several shelters all over Denver and the man behind the one closest to us and in the sketchier area of Denver was SOOOO thrilled to see me pull up. They even posted about us and myself on their website.

He said that this is such an impact and special gift for their shelters to receive. He also took a picture of me and held up the scarves to show them off.

I just wanted to give you a little update. and to let you know all your scarves went to the Denver homeless this winter and I love etsy and its community for helping me do this <3.

thank you ALL! and have a wonderful January.

Monday, September 29, 2008


alright etsy! time to shine!

My college education program just sent me an e-mail asking for donations of childrens scarves, hats, mittens from anyone in my area, and they will be handed out sometime this season to Greeley, Colorado children in need.

so PLEASE send your extra items or yarn to:

Knit for Neighbors or Erin McDonald
University of Northern Colorado
Lawrenson 6A
Greeley, CO 80631


I will also be posting this around etsy and trying to get people to be active. But yes! K4N is starting to do drives again!

Thanks community :)!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Male Scarf Drive date has PASSED

It is the eve of postal works and since I have everything I have by the date of February 15th (today)

I'm calling a close to the drive.

I was mailed 38 scarves! thats awesome! I'm so happy :)

They will be delivered this Sunday so stay tuned for pictures.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Male Scarf Drive

Donations for the Dolores Project - aka the last scarf drive I did - will be given out Monday.

I'm rather excited so in my happiness decided to throw another scarf drive, beckoning once more the help of etsyians EVERYWHERE.

This is a Male scarf drive! I'm going to be giving these out to the homeless men of the streets of Denver. Keeping one homeless person warm at a time. :) yup.

If you would like to donate please go to etsy and contact me there:

I'll send you my address etc :).

Scarf Goal: 40!

Scarves: 0

DEADLINE IS FEBRUARY 15th~!!!! so hurry!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

December Goals

I make goals for my main account, CagedBirdSings, and I thought that I should also make something for this account.

It helps keep me motivated and setting goals give me something to try and achieve.


I come home from Ireland December 16th. This means I can create more things and continue to get my name on the listings and front page again.


Hearts - I'd like to get 50 more hearts by the end of the month. Which will be hard seeing as I have 50 hearts now and have been open for quite a few months.

Sales - I'd love to get 7 sales. Bringing my total to 15. :). I have 6 items in my store right now so I'd basically need to clear my store :). +1 hehe.

Inventory - I'd like to double my inventory at LEAST. 6 more items by the end of the month.

Thats all folks! Hopefully I go through with it :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


I wanted to post this out of my utter thrill that so many people on Etsy and community were willing to donate so much to my project. The picture above does no justice I just wanted to give a big thumbs up and a smile.

The Stats:
  • Scarves: 27
  • Hats: 2
  • Neckwarmers: 1
Oh I'm so happy!!! 30 total things! :D. I shall be giving everything out tomorrow the 14th. I'll be taking additional photos of the people in their new items. BigBlueEyes gave me an awesome idea about how to present them (the cute packaged looking scarves with the white ribbon :) ) So thats how I'll be giving them out! :) Thank you so much Etsy community! You've really made this a reality.

Note: total is without the scarves I've been making for the charity! wow! :)

Here are some fun photos I took so that you can see just how much I received and the colors and types everyone sent :).



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New at K4N

I'm attempting to make a few more sales to make ends meet and I've added some really cute items to my shop.

I just wanted to link them here with photos so that you can see what you're missing! :)Cat Hat = $10 and you can buy it here:

Ninja Band/Neck Cozy : $5. you can buy it here:

as well as Ninja wearing instructions etc.